Industry report shows strong growth in Australian patient access to medicinal cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA) is pleased to partner with FreshLeaf for the third year running in the release of FreshLeaf’s latest comprehensive analysis of medicinal cannabis products, pricing and patients.

The FreshLeaf Report demonstrates the medicinal cannabis industry is maturing, and delivering on the promise of increased patients and increased availability of Australian grown and made products. The report found that in the last six months there was a 50% surge in active patients to almost 70,000. Access and acceptance continue to improve as more Authorised Prescribers come on board. This growth is welcomed by MCIA.

Mr Crock, MCIA Chair, said, “It is pleasing to see the industry is delivering on benefits for patients. The growth in patient numbers, prescriber numbers and more affordable access are positive signs for patients.”

The report shows market growth will exceed expectations in 2021 as active patients surge towards 100,000, with a significant increase in SAS-B approvals, coupled with ongoing growth in Authorised Prescribers.

“This shows that medicinal cannabis products are increasingly being recognised as effective and trusted by prescribers and patients. Investment in research continues to demonstrate the benefit and safety of medicinal cannabis products, and as a result, we expect this will be reflected in a continued growth in patient access. ” said Mr Crock.

The report demonstrates the strong demand led growth driving the sector, but a need remains for increased flexibility around prescriber pathways and license/permit operability to fully realise this opportunity. It is important all patients, who can benefit from this medicine, are able to access it at affordable rates.

Access for patients and the industry will be further enhanced by the implementation of permit reforms for medicinal cannabis companies that have been enabled by the passage of the Narcotic Drugs Amendment (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2021, and potential regulatory reforms around equivalence requirements for imported products, following the TGA consultation process in January this year. “These reforms are critical steps to assist in delivering improved the access for patients to Australian products underpinned by Australian quality in a timely and affordable manner”, said Mr Crock. “It is critical that as an industry we provide the stewardship and evidential support to see medicinal cannabis become part of healthcare options available to patients”.

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