New body for the Australian medicinal cannabis industry formed to foster health and a sustainable industry.

Australia’s medicinal cannabis industry licensees are coming together to form a national advocacy body to support the fledgling industry achieve health and economic benefits for Australians.

Launched by Health Minister Greg Hunt in Canberra today, with support from Labor and the Greens, Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA) will be a strong voice for the sector which is committed to producing the highest quality medicinal cannabis products for patients.

MCIA Chairman Peter Crock, CEO of Cann Group Limited, said it was important that those engaged in the new sector worked together to build a professional and well respected association to represent the best of Australian industry.

“MCIA members are committed to ensuring medicinal cannabis products meet the highest standards and that patients in Australia and internationally benefit from research and product development,” he said.

“As medical research increases, and more countries regulate for the use of medicinal cannabis, we can see the importance of what is effectively a new class of compound in medicine.”

“It is almost three years since the Australian Parliament passed legislation (29 Feb 2016) to enable the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and research purposes. With regulators and operators having started from scratch, the industry has already come a long way, and Australia aims to become a world leading supplier of medicinal cannabis products in the coming years.

“MCIA recognises that there are a diverse range of stakeholders and views held within the community about the use of medicinal cannabis and believes the industry has an obligation to engage with policy makers about the benefits the industry can provide for the health and wealth of Australia.

“The best way to do this is to make sure the industry behaves in a transparent, responsible and professional manner across all activities including research, cultivation, manufacturing and education. An industry that is built on sound science and underpinned by best practice standards will help ensure that patients, medical professionals, governments and the community have confidence in us and our products.

“All our members are working to enhance wellbeing by making quality Australian medicinal cannabis products available for patients here and around the world. We want to work with Federal and State Governments to achieve a harmonised and robust regulatory approach. We are committed to building a professional, well governed industry based on legitimacy and credibility. All this combines to deliver good outcomes both for society and the Australian economy.”

Media contacts:

Peter Crock: 0419 307 467


Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA) is the peak industry organisation for Australia’s licensed medicinal cannabis industry. It acts as the voice for the licensed medicinal cannabis sector.

MCIA’s focus is on building an industry that enhances wellbeing through facilitating access to quality Australian medicinal cannabis products for Australian and global patients. The Australian industry and its products are built on sound science and underpinned by industry processes and standards that ensure patients, the medical community and governments have confidence in the sector and its products. MCIA will provide stewardship to ensure the industry develops in an economic and sustainable manner, enabling access for patients in Australia and globally to quality Australian products.

MCIA aims to foster a sustainable and responsible industry that is trusted and valued for its social and economic contribution. This encompasses all activities of medicinal cannabis licence holders across research, cultivation and manufacturing and interaction with patients, the medical profession and communities.

Founding Members: