ACannabis Evolve 2021 – Unlocking the Potential of Medicinal Cannabis

In launching ACannabis we noted that the medicinal cannabis industry is rapidly evolving, with many voices in the conversation. ACannabis is about harnessing the collective talent, knowledge and expertise that is critical to seize the opportunities in this exciting new industry which is providing an important new medicine for patients.

We were fortunate to hold the inaugural ACannabis in early 2020, however, the COVID-19 landscape has changed many aspects of our lives and work places, and not least, seen the end of face-to-face conferences for the foreseeable future. But as work and life goes on during these difficult times, we believe it is important that the medicinal cannabis industry has an opportunity to network, collaborate and learn, and importantly create a sense of community during this isolated environment.

The industry and our community are already re-shaping the way we work and socialise. We now Collaborate virtually, Learn virtually, and Connect virtually. And for ACannabis 2021 we will ‘Conference’ virtually. Thus, we are pleased to welcome you to be part of ACannabis Evolve 2021.