MCIA and Epilepsy Action Australia partner to deliver independent information for the medicinal cannabis industry

Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA) is the voice for Australia’s medicinal cannabis industry and is focused on representing the mutual interests of members to build a sustainable and responsible industry that is trusted, valued, puts patients first and recognised for its quality and innovation.

Epilepsy Action Australia (EAA) as the leading and oldest provider of epilepsy services nationwide, focuses on improving self-management skills, increasing wider public understanding of this devastating condition, and are at the forefront of partnering and funding research into interventions and treatments. EAA also operate CanGuide, an independent and impartial service providing information on cannabis-based medicine.

MCIA and EAA are pleased to announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate and work together to support and develop CanGuide’s position as the source of “trusted information on cannabis-based medicines for patients and health care professionals” and to deliver outcomes for the benefit of the Australian medicinal cannabis industry.

MCIA Chair, Mr Peter Crock said “MCIA is delighted to partner with an organisation of EAA’s credibility, reputation and capability to deliver an information platform for patients, GPs and healthcare professionals. A trusted information platform has been identified as a key area of need for the industry by prescribers and others. We hope this partnership will enable the industry to attract the funding required to develop and continue to enhance this valuable and much needed resource.”

EAA CEO Ms Carol Ireland said, “It is pleasing to have the support of the medicinal cannabis industry’s peak body to help take CanGuide to the next stage of development and ensure that through CanGuide, we can enable the wide distribution of educational material to GPs, healthcare professionals and consumers.”

This will be delivered via the CanGuide website and the HealthShare platform which is integrated into the clinical software of 90% of Australian GPs.

Mr Crock and Ms Ireland said that this is a very exciting development for the medicinal cannabis industry and encouraged GPs, healthcare professionals and the industry to visit CanGuide at the MCIA booth at ACannabis on 14 & 15 March 2023.

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Peter Crock
Chair MCIA
0419 307 467

Carol Ireland
CEO Epilepsy Action Australia
0425 269 312

About MCIA:

MCIA is the peak industry organization and voice for Australia’s medicinal cannabis industry. Our focus is on building a legitimate industry that enhances wellbeing through facilitating access to quality Australian medicinal cannabis products for Australian and global patients. MCIA provides stewardship for an economically sustainable and socially responsible industry that is trusted and valued by patients, the medical community and governments. The Australian industry and its products are built on sound science and underpinned by industry processes and standards that ensure patients, the medical community and governments have confidence in the sector and its products.

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About Epilepsy Action Australia:

With over 250,000 people living with epilepsy in this country, Epilepsy Action Australia is leading the way in ensuring those affected have the skills and knowledge to live the very best life possible. We also strive to give parents, teachers, caregivers, support workers, doctors and nurses the confidence, resources and information they need to support their specific needs.

As the leading and oldest provider of epilepsy services nationwide, we focus on improving self-management skills, increasing wider public understanding of this devastating condition, and are at the forefront of partnering and funding research into interventions and treatments.

All of this contributes greatly towards our aim of opening more eyes to this ‘invisible’ disease and ensuring that those with epilepsy are able to live meaningful and independent lives, free of stigma and misunderstanding.


About CanGuide:

CanGuide is a service, operated by the non-profit professional organisation Epilepsy Action Australia, which remains independent and impartial in the provision of content and does not supply, recommend or endorse any pharmaceutical or medical professional, company, organisation or product. CanGuide provides which provides trusted information on cannabis based medicine for patients and healthcare professionals.


About ACannabis:

ACannabis Conference and Exhibition is hosted annually by MCIA. Covering cultivation, manufacturing, products and patients, the conference will examine innovations in research, compliance, regulations, education, and technology. ACannabis brings together participants from across the medicinal cannabis ecosystem, including policy makers, regulators, researchers, global leaders, healthcare professionals, patients and industry participants. In 2023, ACannabis is held over 14- 15th March, CENTRPIECE, Melbourne.

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