MCIA welcomes TGA interim decision to down schedule CBD

Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia has welcomed the interim decision in relation to cannabidiol (CBD) to down-schedule CBD medicines to S3, or pharmacist-only, medicines.

In the interim decision released today, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has supported the down scheduling of CBD to allow greater patient access through enabling registered low-dose CBD products to be available as a Schedule 3 medicine.

MCIA Chair, Peter Crock, said “the interim decision to down-schedule CBD is a good start and it is pleasing to see the TGA supportive of down scheduling and seeking more information before finalising their decision”.

MCIA is working on a submission in response to the interim decision to provide additional evidence to support the down scheduling of CBD.

Medicinal cannabis has an important role to play in improving health outcomes. “MCIA is supportive of changes to the schedules that will enable patient access to CBD products that deliver therapeutic benefit in a safe manner”. “We support a holistic healthcare approach built around patients and their regular medical practitioner determining if medicinal cannabis is an appropriate medicine for their current medical condition”, said Mr Crock.

MCIA believes that patients should have easy and affordable access to a quality controlled, true to label, compliant product that that is already demonstrating the potential to positively contribute to a broad range of conditions.

The decision by TGA to down schedule CBD to S3 medicine, available in pharmacies, is a step in the right direction for the industry and patients.

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