MCIA welcomes the Government’s commitment to growing the medicinal cannabis industry

The Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia today welcomed the Government’s response to the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 review which provides commitment to improving the efficiency of the Government regulator and better access to medicinal cannabis products for patients.

The MCIA had called for changes to deliver a streamlined and improved licensing system to ensure that there is a sustainable medicinal cannabis industry in Australia delivering quality and cost effective products to patients. “It’s extremely important that we see a further streamlining of the process that results in accelerated access to Australian patients, and the outcomes of this review are a positive step in that direction”, said MCIA’s Chair, Mr Peter Crock.

MCIA identified that changes to the regulatory system and elimination of red tape will ensure that there is an affordable supply of local products that will improve patient access to medicinal cannabis. “MCIA particularly welcomes the Government’s commitment to make it easier for doctors and patients to access medicinal cannabis products more rapidly”, said Mr Crock. “There are clear signs of increased awareness of the benefits of medicinal cannabis and this is coming through in higher prescription numbers and stronger engagement from the medical community.”

MCIA looks forward to working with the Government to build a sustainable and profitable medicinal cannabis industry that services local and global customers. “The priority given to industry participants who are investing more heavily will encourage legitimate players to continue that investment, which will ultimately benefit patients”.

MCIA members are committed to ensuring the industry operates in a transparent, responsible and professional manner. The MCIA’s position is that an industry built on sound science and underpinned by best practice standards will ensure that patients, medical professionals, governments and the community have confidence in the industry and its products.

“All MCIA members are working to enhance patient wellbeing by making quality Australian medicinal cannabis products available in Australia and around the world. We will continue to work with Federal and State Governments to achieve a harmonised and robust regulatory approach. We are committed to building a professional, well governed industry based on legitimacy and credibility to positively contribute to the Australian patient base and economy”.

Media contact:
Peter Crock: 0419 307 467


MCIA is the peak industry organisation for Australia’s licensed medicinal cannabis industry. This encompasses all activities of medicinal cannabis licence holders across research, cultivation and manufacturing and interaction with patients, the medical profession and communities.

MCIA’s focus is on building an industry that enhances wellbeing through facilitating access to quality Australian medicinal cannabis products for Australian and global patients.

MCIA is providing stewardship for an economically sustainable and socially responsible industry that is trusted and valued by patients, the medical community and governments. The Australian industry and its products are built on sound science and underpinned by industry processes and standards that ensure patients, the medical community and governments have confidence in the sector and its products.